Thursday, March 27, 2008

My FET is a go!

I got the word this week from my RE that my lining looked good (nice and thick). They tested me yesterday to make sure I wasn't about to ovulate as that could cancel this cycle. I did not do lupron so I could very well ovulate. I was 2 days behind because AF started late, but I caught up at least from a lining perspective.

I started progesterone last night - I hate those shots, but it will be worth it. We may have to continue thoese longer than last time if I get pregnant because apparently my body is starting from scratch as far as progesterone. I will need those shots even after pregnancy. My DH didn't like to hear that as he doesn't like to give them to me. Last time, I switched to progesterone suppositories at 4 weeks. This time, this may not be possible. We will see.

My chances are 35% per my RE. This is so much lower than a fresh cycle, but I'm hoping acupuncture will help as I didn't do it last time. We are transferring 2, if they both thaw. Fingers crossed! My blasts were frozen on day 6 and have a good chance of thawing and continuing to grow - per my IVF nurse. She said she usually sees really good thaw rates with blasts.. :) I read somehwere that blasts that were ICSI'd have a better thaw rate too. I'm hoping they both thaw and they are able to transfer both to increase my chances of pregnancy.
I have acupuncture before and after the transfer. Acupuncture is with a different person, so I hope they are good at knowing what to do for IVF.

It took so much for them to make it to blast, so I know they are strong babies.

Here is hoping for a successful cycle! Don't we all hope that each month? Well, I'm trying to think positively that this will work. Work is stressful now and I'm sure that doesn't help my chances. I'm trying to remain calm though - as much as I can.

We had some sad news on Tuesday that a girl on our IF forum lost her twins at 23 weeks. My heart goes out to her and her DH. She had a placental abruption, not an incompetent cervix. Everytime I hear about a loss, I am reminded of my own. I can relate, but each miscarraige is so different. It is a horrible thing that no one truly understand until you go through it. Why does this have to happen to anyone? Why when you think you are past 12 weeks, you are not always OK? Why does this happen to people who have already suffered through infertility?


Ariella said...

I amthrilled about your FETstarting! When will thaw be?

I am having a hard time with Busted's loss too. My heart goes out to her, and you too since I know this must have stired up feelings for you. I haven't had a loss so I don't know the pain personaly but I can only imagine how it would be and even then know that what it is really like I could never imagine.

JGirl2005 said...

The transfer is on 3/31 - tomorrow!
I'm so busy and trying not to spend too much time online.
Thanks for thinking of me!

Thanks for thinking of me and schmoodle. I feel for her right now. Her pain must be really raw right now. I can't even fully understand what she is going through. Everyone is so different. It is just so hard. She seems to be very strong.