Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Texas Decides - Yea!

Wow, what an amazing night for primaries! I'm so happy that Hillary won Texas and Ohio. She has a chance now!
I'm so excited because I was actually leaning towards Obama a few weeks ago, but last week I changed my mind to Hillary. I liked that she was on SNL and was able to laugh at herself. I think she has real answers and real solutions.
I was even more excited when I got to go to the Texas Town Hall on Monday in Austin. I just happened to sit by C.helsea too. :) I was on tv a few times because of where I was sitting. It was amazing and one of the highlights of my year (so far). I also met Hillary and got to shake her hand. It definitely confirmed my choice.
I hope she is our next president. A few years ago, I didn't care for her too much, but now I really, really like her. She is the best fit for our nation.

On a different note, I'm still doing acupuncture and doing it almost twice a week for awhile. I like it. Each session is so different - I also see different people based on when I schedule. Saturday my DH went with me and I was laughing too much - I don't recommend doing that while lying down with needles in you. I just kept feeling him staring at me and the needles and I couldn't help but laugh. Saturday, she pushed down on my stomach and ask if I had pain - I said yes. She then hit a different pressure point on my arm (opposite the elbow) and asked if the pain went away. I said no until she pushed on different parts of my arm until finally the pain was gone. That was crazy! She did that with a few different places. It was impressive.
Yesterday sessions I was on my stomach and had needles in my back, butt and other places (including the bottom of my foot). I had wondered if they did the back, as I only had the ones while lying down on my back. I was so relaxed this time that I fell asleep. I was so relaxed, but had to drive back in traffic home and then to go vote in the caucus. There were so many people at my precinct that I ended up stressing out. It was chaotic. So much for the relaxation technique...

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