Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Pats Day!

I'm so tired. I drove to my sister's city yesterday to celebrate her birthday. It was tiring, although it is only 1.5 hrs away. I got back at 11:15pm last night. It was fun and nice to see my nieces and my nephew and of course my sisters and parents. I need to get to bed soon. :)

I woke up on Sunday and went to the cemetary to visit my son and put some silk flowers on his grave. I also redid my mother in law's grave too - put some flowers in the vase. It was so windy yesterday, I hope the flowers stay put for at least a month.

My DH just told me that he went to the cemetary today before lunch (with my cousin). It surprised me since I told him the other day that we should both try to go for Easter. I love my DH, but he surprises me sometimes. I never think he will go on his own and he doesn't like talking about our son, but then he surprises me and visits the grave. I'm going to cry. :) I'm glad he went. I wonder what sparked him to go. I didn't even harp on the fact that I went yesterday.

We went out to dinner tonight, but no big celebration for St. Patty's Day. I have to be at work early tomorrow for a big meeting. I just worry that I'm getting laid off. Ugh! My DH tells me not to worry that we will be ok. I just like working. I shouldn't let stress get to me when I'm going through my FET cycle. I'm so happy that I have acupuncture tomorrow.

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