Friday, June 11, 2010

28weeks! (and obgyn appt)

I am so excited to be 28 weeks!!!

I have a rough week, but I hope to hang in there for several more weeks. I put myself on modified bedrest on Tuesday - 3 days ago. See my last post to know why...

I had an obgyn appt today with the fun glucose test. I was planning to talk to my dr about what he thought about my peri appt from Tuesday. I instead was seeing the nurse practioner...I told her what happened as she didn't seem to get the update from my peri. She looked very concerned and said 'I hope you aren't going to work'. I told her that I was working from home. She told me to take it easy and not to do any chores or leave my house.

Then I ran into my obgyn on the way out and he asked me how I was doing. I just gave him a quick update and he was concerned too...he told me to take it easy. The NP was there behind me and said 'she knows her stuff' and my obgyn said 'yes, she does'. They were confirming that I am a crazy patient. hahaha. Well, really, they were confirming that I will push my peri and really question him. It is frustrating when my drs disagree, but I told them I was already on modified bed rest. I will do stairs, but it is hard not to with having a little one. I am going to take it very easy though.

I am happy to be at 28wks, but want this baby baking for at least 8 more weeks.


Monica H said...

It's not that your drs. disagree, it's that Dr. B thinks he knows everything! Sorry that's so frustrating. Please take it easy and do bedrest as long as you think you need it. You know yourself better then he does. I'l be crossing my fingers for you.

Princess Hippopotamus said...

I just randomly came across your blog but I really enjoyed reading it and I hope all goes well with your pregnancy!

J said...

Monica, you are right. I am really glad I am cautious and don't take his advice word for word. :) how are you sweetie! I think he is a great doctor.

Princess hippo: thanks!