Tuesday, June 8, 2010

27w4d peri appt - mixed news

Baby is doing well. Measuring at 28wks at 2lbs 9oz. Fluid looks great.

H/B is 158bpm.

Now, for the not so great news...

CL was measured at 1.3cm or so via abdominal -my peri's office only does these unless they can't get a good look. The u/s tech didn't say much, but just said 'well that is why you have the cerclage'.

This pregnancy: I have a toddler, but did do bedrest for 2wks after placement. CL was 3.8 less than 4wks ago. I worked from home from 14wks to 23wks and I've been doing a lot more the past 4 weeks including walking around at big box stores (Kohls, target, etc). Before 23 wks, I was down most of the time - self imposed modified bedrest.

Last pregnancy: I put myself on bedrest the entire pregnancy. I was able to work from home, but was inclined most of the time. It is hard to do now, with a little one, but last time I did this and look at the difference. CL held at 2.8 - 3.2cm the entire time.

My conversation with the peri...

DR: All looks well with baby!
ME: I'm concerned about my length.
DR: It is low, but you are fine.
ME: I think I saw minor funneling at the top on the u/s. (My peri on my last pregnancy told me that he never sees funneling...GRRRRR....the last time I had funneling was with my loss - delivered 2wks later when we saw funneling but I was 13wks when I had funneling ). It was minor and not below the stitch but it was there.
ME: Can you guarantee that I won't deliver in the next 2wks? jokingly said...
DR: You won't. I guarantee but we can take another look.
(Who knew just saying that would put the dr. on the spot.)
DR: Remember you have a weird, tilted cervix, but I'lll still take a look. He never does my u/s. He does u/s -abdominally and can't get a good view. He then says he will do the fFN test. I've never had this done. He said he will do that to ensure I won't deliver in the next 2wks and also he will do the transvag cam because he can't see what is going on, but did confirm my suspicions on the minor funneling. It is like a small dip at the top of the cervix. The CL measures 1.8-1.9cm.

ME: Waiting, waiting, waiting for him to come back. He comes back with the stuff to do the ffN test. I'll get the results later today. He does a manual exam and says that my cervix is closed, etc.

DR: 'I'll be surprised if the test comes back positive'. As he was leaving...'at least the ffN test should give you assurance about the next 2 wks, but if it comes back positive, we will talk steroids and bedrest'. That is the first time I've ever heard him say that - the word 'bedrest'. He also wants to see me in 2wks instead of 4wks which was my next appt. Then he says this 'you are good for 2wks and I would probably even say the next 7wks.'

Blog readers, you know how I b.itch about my dr....he is so relaxed on everything. He constantly tells me about other patients...
Like today he told me that two of his patients have no cervix left but are 35wks and 31wks. Last time, I was 35wks and pretty much didn't have any cervix left. He said one of his patients - her obgyn put her on bedrest for 3months which he was upset with. Ugh, I am firmly believing that bedrest WORKS WONDERS. Part of me has thought that maybe I didn't need it last time, but with the lowest CL that I have ever received, I am thinking it was smart to do it last time. I will try to do less now. Work wanted me to travel next week and I said 'no way'. I was considering it, until I heard this news. I will work from home the rest of this week and then see how I feel.

My thoughts: Bedrest works...drs don't know everything...and I was finally diagnosed at 35wks last time...this time, there is no doubt that I have an incompetent cervix. Always question your drs...He would not have done the u/s to verify the minor funneling had I not told him that I saw what I thought was funneling. At 28wks last time, I think they still measured my CL, but after that they didn't. I've heard that with IC, you should expect the length to drop at around 28wks, if you truly have IC.

In 4wks, my length went down from 3.8cm to 1.8cm.

Please keep us in your prayers/thoughts!

I am 28wks on Friday, but I want her to keep cooking a lot longer...I was so nervous that I forgot to ask for another gender guess as 4 wks ago, they couldn't see and confirm (although I have been told twice).

She is measuring right on target. She is head down. Last time she was breach and I asked if that made my CL so long and was told 'no'. Other news: I have my 1hr glucose test on Friday. I really think that I have it again. On big meals, I have gone slightly over, but I didn't one day when I had a lot of carbs (pasta and bread). I told them to test my urine today and there is no sugars in my urine, but we will find out on Friday if I need the 3hr test. I am preparing myself for the worst on the GD front.

I just started walking as of yesterday - walked about 10minutes around the block. I went to Target for the first time this pregnancy on Sunday. I went to Kohls about two times so far. No more shopping for me in big box stores...

I will take it easy for the next 2wks.

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Marcie said...

You know, I've always said that medicine is more of an "art" than a "science" since not all doctors know the same thing.

I'm glad you're taking things into your own hands and doing what you feel is right.

Bake baby bake!!