Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thanks for the support! (and a few additional details)

Thanks for the support! I appreciate it.

I have my NT scan on Thursday. I hope all is well. I swear that today and yesterday I feel like my cervix is dilating. My drs say I can't feel that, but I just feel something. We will see on Thursday, I guess...I'm not a dr, so I'm not sure why I overanalyze things...

When I went to my first peri appt, they told me that the nurse that I didn't like was no longer working there. Usually I am nosey, but this time I just stayed quiet. The medical assistant gal said 'oh yeah that's when they got rid of her'. So I'm assuming she was fired... The nurse was there for my last pregnancy, but not very often. Thank goodness. She was there a few times during my first pregnancy and somehow I resent her for my loss. It wasn't her fault, but I just got a bad vibe from her. It's not that I blame her, I just feel that if I saw her I wasn't going to have a good outcome or something. She was quick to poo poo my spotting and issues and my funneling. Do you ever meet someone and you just don't like them? This was the feeling I got when I had to deal with her. I like everyone else there, but she just didn't rub me the right way, so I'm glad they finally saw that and she's gone from the practice. Wow, I sound mean...

I hate hearing my obgyn say 'well that's why they do the cerclage early because they do it before changes happen'. I am hoping to have my cerclage placed in one week's time, but it won't be scheduled until 2 days or so prior. ugh! I'm hoping I'll be 12w4d, but my peri might want to push it out. I am going to try to convince him on Thursday that I need it early next week. I'm very different than other girls with IC because my cervix starts misbehaving a lot earlier than 16/18wks. I just have to keep reminding my drs who have a hard head.

Oh, my mom is going to come help me when I recover from the cerclage - approx 10-14 days. I know her, she won't stay for the full time because she is just 'so busy'. She is retired and honestly I'm not sure how much help she can provide while she is here. Usually DH has some issues with her being here and he complains to me and I really don't want to deal with that... I love my mom, but she is not compassionate a lot of times. If I lose this baby, I know what she will say 'sorry', but in a tone that sounds like you would say to someone if they lost a board game. She just doesn't get IF, she doesn't get issues. So, my mom is going out of town this weekend and she says 'can you push out the cerclage to Wednesday or Thursday, so I can be here on the first day'. My response 'no I can't just push it out because the dr knows when I need to have this surgery and based on what is going on down there.' I wish my cerclage could fit into her perfect schedule. She annoys me when she is like that. When she came after my son was born, she said 'well can't you ahve the baby earlier because I don't want to miss going to my trip'. Like I have any control...Thanks for letting me vent.

I say my mom doesn't know what it is like to have issues or be high risk, but her first child was born around 28wks (i'm not sure the exact gestation as she won't talk about it). My sister became mental retarded because of fluid in her brain for being born so early. So, my mom has had preterm labor issues, but she doesn't seem to remember. I guess her labor happened so fast, she didn't have time to worry.

Oh, I get asked a lot if I have to have the cerclage again. One of my friends asked me who has a transabdominal cerclage (TAC)...you would think she would get it. My sister said 'well maybe your body learned how to stay pregnant this time'. I haven't told a lot of my friends yet. We are going to wait to tell the extended friends until 24wks or so.

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