Thursday, February 18, 2010

NT Scan results

I got to my appointment an hour early due to dropping off my son and not wanting to go to work.
Of course, my peri was running late and I think I saw him driving near the office.
I already had genetic counseling two weeks ago, so today was just the u/s and cervical check.

So yesterday I went out to lunch with some people who were supposed to pick me up and made me wait standing for 20min. I was pissed, but tried to blow it off.
Later I had a clear big glob and last night I had a small, tiny pink dot on my TP. It was hard to go back to sleep after that. I told my husband this morning. I also had a little bit of cramping last night. I told him maybe it was because I did too much.

I had my u/s and the baby's neck measured well. The baby didn't move much at all. It kinda concerns me because he/she hasn't moved much during appts. Last u/s, he/she was measuring 3 or 4 days behind. Today I am supposed to be 11w6d and the baby was measuring 11w5d as an average. The tech was someone I hadn't had before and she was OK. She told me the baby and the neck looked fine. I'm glad she was forthcoming with results as sometimes they say that you have to wait for the dr.

Oh, last time they didn't tell me when they would schedule the surgery. I had to call on a Friday to find out it was on the following Tuesday. This time, one of the girls that I LOVE, asked me 'when is a good day for you'. I said 'Monday'. She came back later and told me that they didn't have openings on Monday, but it would be Tuesday. I am sooooo glad. I just hope to make it until then. Weekends are hard with my toddler. He needs me to play with him a lot. My husband is great, but can't do it all.

The dr came in and gave me my results...

My results were better than last time and I'm 2 years older. Down syndrome -equivalent to a 28 year. Chromosome 13/18 - equivalent to a 20 year old. I'm just glad that I don't have to do the CVS/Amnio. I could still have a baby with issues, but for now, I can get the cerclage. Thank God!

After that, he wrote down a lot of info for the surgery and I told him about my spotting/discharge mentioned above plus all the rest of the brown/tan stretchy discharge I was getting. He said the hematoma is gone and most likely that was it coming out. He said 'sometimes it comes out like a glob and then a tiny bit of pink'. Ha! He described exactly what I told him. I like him, but he always says the right thing. geez! :)

Then he looks at my cervix and does an internal. I hate those. I just had one last week with my obgyn. I bet he thinks I am crazy or the most high maintenance patient he has. Because when I told him about my discharge/pink spotting, I told him 'I bet either my cervix is open or it has shortened. I can feel it.'. Why am I crazy? I'm not a dr. I DO TRUST my drs and it is pretty much out of my hands. Anyway, I'm rambling...He said my cervix is CLOSED and long. I asked him prior to that about looking on the u/s and he said cervical checks before 16wks via u/s are not accurate. So I asked him 'is it 2cm?'. He said 'well I can't get an exact measurement via the internal, but it is LOOONG maybe 4cm'. Whatever. I don't think I'm ever 4cm. I'm happy that he thinks it is long and closed though.

Sorry this is long and I quote my drs so much, but I do it partially for me to remember how our conversation went.

Baby's h/b was 173bpm.

My next post is about trying to conceive and acupuncture.

Thanks for reading!


Busted said...

Glad to hear all is going well! I'm just like you, any little thing/discharge/twinge would worry me and I'd mention it to the doctor. Good luck with the surgery and keep us updated!

Dre said...

Glad to hear things are going well despite the discharge. I always thought any cramping/discharge was my cervix as well. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and you get lots of rest.