Saturday, July 18, 2009

IVF Oldest Lady and my thoughts about drs....

I promise I'll get to my DR post when I can find the link to a specific blog. :)

I will say that -that post- will be not DR bashing. (my normal mode). It isn't that I hate drs, but I really think people need to question their drs (around their entire care). Drs are not superhuman, Drs are not always 'right'...
It's not just around IF, incompetent cervix, etc, ppl really need to question their drs.

It uspets me when drs tell women on bedrest they can do more than they 'should'. They don't tell women a lot of times that they don't need a shower every day. Why don't they, because they don't want to inconveinence them. They tell their IC patients to just lay down, but still go out, etc. The women usually does less (like me on self imposed bedrest) but doesn't tell their dr. The dr in turn thinks that the women was 'normal' and the cerclage held or whatever the case.

It upsets me when drs give out clomid without monitoring. Yup, that was me. Although I had no known fertility problems, I was given clomid like candy with no monitoring. It is probably a good thing my DH's sperm was horrible that cycle or I might have had high order multiples (HOM). Which to some is OK, but for me with IC that would have been SOOOOO dangerous. I do ovulate on my own a lot of times and even thought i'm old (AMA), I still have some eggs left. Anyone considering going to an obgyn that just gives them clomid without monitoring of how many follicles they have should really reconsider. I sitll see my obgyn, but he won't handle my fertility care again (not that I plan to use fertility drugs again). This is why IVF and IUI get a bad rap where the general public thinks 6 or 8 babies is what happens. IVF is soooooo controlled. The o.ctomom - well her dr was stupid to put back 6 embryos or whatever he did....My RE would never do that no matter how old you were.

A lot of drs bug me....We were told from my DH's urologist that 'kids are overrated' when we told him we wanted to check for fertility issues - when we were first finding out it wasn't coming easy for us. That guy moved thank goodness. He told us other gems, but I won't put them on here. He was just a douche.

If you are seeing your general practice dr (I'm bad I don't go to mine much as he annoys me), question - question - question them on everything. I'm a drs worst nightmare since I bring a lot of knowledge or anything I read on the internet. I always say I'm a wannabe dr. One of my coworkers and I were talking over lunch about medical stuff and he said. 'ok dr. lastname'. I said 'I'm sorry but I really question these drs'. He confessed he is the same way. I said 'we need more people doing that'.

So now, Michae.l Jackso.n's dr is in trouble for giving him too much anethesia or something? Drs have a lot of control and it is scary. They operate on people when they shouldn't., they give people prescriptions when they shouldn't.....Anna nicole's drs probably prescribed too much.

Drs give out prescription drugs way to easily for my taste. I take 1/4 or less of what they give me. Yeah I was in pain after birth due to a 2nd degree tear but I didn't take the full bottle of ibuprophen 600mg or whatever the high dose was that they gave me...I have bottles of h.ydrocodone or whatever that I never took for IVF or whenever those were prescribed. After I had my cerclage, I think I skipped again the pain meds -h.ydrocodone. I need to throw this stuff out - actually I shouldn't even get the prescription and waste money.

I will say sometimes we have no choice but to trust our drs. That is very true too. Sometimes I don't have all the facts and you can't trust the internet 100%, so sometimes you have to put your faith in your drs. I've had to do that on a few occasions and it worked out. They do have a lot of experience. I see people online get cerclages placed a lot, but sometimes it is in emergency situations and they get drs who are not competent in doing these. They might get a dr who does a cerclage placement once a year. So whichever dr you choose make sure they have 'experience' in dealing with good patients and bad patients. I have mixed feelings about my peri, but honestly I've only seen him deal with patients who don't have issues (me for the most part and the other women he said he saw who didn't have issues).

Ok, enough about drs.

The above article talks about a woman that was 66 who underwent IVF and had twins only to die at age 69. (with no one to take care of her twins). This article puts more myths out there about IVF, I'm sure, to the general public. A lot of people think there should be rules out there, but where do you draw the line? At what age is TOO old??? So she left twin toddlers....yes it is sad, but anyone can die right after going through IVF (they could be 30 years old -but hopefully they have a partner who can take care of the kiddos). I think if we had those strict rules in place (they kinda do, but this lady lied to her drs), that might discourage others from being surrogates to their daughters or sons. I have seen a few people on tv who have decided to be a surrogate for THEIR own grandchild and I think that is awesome especially for those of us with issues like IC (or with other issues such as no uterus, etc). If they said women over 55 couldn't do it, how would they get around this to be a surrogate. I don't know maybe they make an exception for that now. I just think that is a gray area with so many ethical implications. How old is too old to have a baby - with or without IVF/IUI?


Monica H said...

I think it all depends on your health and whether or not your body can support a pregnancy. But I would definitely say that 66 is too old.

I like your style. Wanna accompany me to my dr. appts?

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Tabitha said...

Thanks so much for answering my questions over on the bump, I really appreciate it! I'll be sure to ask the Dr. the questions you suggested about sperm and embryo quality.