Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Thanks for the comments - glad to be back ladies! I will be posting more. I have a lot to talk about.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter. What are the plans? My brother in law in town this weekend. He is very odd and he is going to be 40 this year and not married. He resents people who are married. Nothing wrong with not being married and 40, but he really is sad about it. I feel bad for him and wish he would meet someone. I think he has really high expectations for a girl and that is a little unrealistic. He even resents his dad who is dating again after his mom passed away 2 yrs ago. I think it is great his dad is out there dating as he is very lonely. We can't spent 100% of our weekends with my fatherinlaw. It's almost like his son is jealous that his dad can go out on dates, but he can't find a date. It will be interesting if his dad introduces him to his new lady friend this weekend. I see a possible blow-out occuring. It is not uncommon for them to fight. My BIL will probably not be too happy with her (she is very nice I met her 2wks ago). My brother in law is not very generous - he expects his dad or us to pay for him ALL THE TIME. He got our son a $3-5 toy when he was born that he can't even play with for months (still too young now). My sisters did SO much for me and the baby and bought us so much -even gave us a ton of handmedowns, but he couldn't spend even $10 for us. Ok, I'll try to be nice now. Please tell me I'm being shallow and selfish.
Oh, and another thing... He HATES eating at home, so he expects us to take him OUT to a restaurant and PAY for him. Oh, he makes really good money, but we think he has money problems. I invited FIL and BIL over to our house for a cookout this weekend. It's really hard to go out to eat with the little one and especially since he goes to bed early. I bet BIL is unhappy that we are staying 'in'. His dad is retired and really can't pay for him at all. They got in a fight about this last time as his dad asked him to pay. Ok, enough venting about him...honestly I love my family and I'm happy to see my BIL. I just hope he doesn't cause drama with the new girlfriend. I wish he would meet someone as I think that would improve his mood - he won't do the online thing though.

We are also going out of town to visit some of my family. It will be the first time many meet our little one. We have some cousins from new jersey who we haven't seen in about a year or more. It will be great to catch up.

I have to admit that I'm not a big 'Easter' fan. It's my least favorite holiday - not sure why. I am weird about eggs - only liked them cooked a certain way. So growing up, I didn't like hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, etc. I also don't like peeps and don't care for marshmallow too much. I eat it - if camping or on smores, but don't like it in candies. Easter was always so hot where we live so I always felt really yucky. A few easters ago, it did sleet though.

Monica, you are right. Bluebonnets are horrible this year due to lack of rain. That's why I think this company planted a ton in their parking lot - it's a ton of them and GORGEOUS. Bluebonnets are really scarce this year. It's a great location! Take Autumn there! I said amber before sorry. I think your dog is so adorable. Is she a border collie or brittany spaniel mix?

Ariel, you are right. We shouldn't look at it like that. Every m/c is a tragic event. It's hard to think about what would have been. I see girls on the message boards with children who would have been the same age as my first son and it breaks my heart. I think 'wow, he would be this old'. There is that constant reminder when you see someone who got pregnant around the same time as you.

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Monica H said...

I hope the family drama is kept down to a minimum this Easter.

Happy Easter to you too!