Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to work and other thoughts...

We had a great easter. It was nice that my family decided to keep their gathering mainly family only - instead of all of my mom's friends who I don't like. :)
It was so nice to spend time with everyone. No drama with BIL because he didn't meet my FIL's lady friend. FIL did talk about her and I thought BIL was going to blow a gasket, but he was fine. He was happy we cooked for him -his favorite, beef fajitas.

Oh, and I posted awhile back on the n.est boards how my sister had not come to visit me since I had the baby. She did send flowers to the hospital, but hadn't seen the baby in person. Well, she made a huge effort - for her- driving to my city on Saturday. She never drives alone without her entourage. She even knitted booties for our baby the day she came- very quickly (faster than I can crochet). We also got to spend time with her on Easter as she changed her plans to spend more time with all the family. It was so nice. When I posted this at 2months, that she had not visited someone on the msg boards stated that maybe she was dealing w/infertility (as that would be the only acceptable excuse for not seeing her nephew -as the poster put it). Well, I know she wants children badly, but I asked her and she said she isn't trying until next year or the following year (she is 34 now). She will go directly to IVF even without problems since she is rich and can - doesn't need insurance and because she and her DH travel all the time-not together but for their work. They can't really TIME pregnancy. I think she does have some reproductive issues though.

I'm back to work as of yesterday and it is hard getting back into the swing of things.

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