Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big u/s results!

To compare my results last time, please go to August 2008.

I go in for my u/s and then talk to the dr.

The u/s tech is pretty rushed but walks through everything.

h/b is 162bpm
Baby is measuring 18w5d - 19w. I am 18w6d today.
Baby is 10oz - which is strange since last time baby was 9oz but I was measuring ahead by 4days. Who knows?
Cervical length is 2.8cm - that's ok for me (last time at this time I was 3cm and doing very little. Now I have a little one and have to do more...more on this below per DR).

She was moving around a lot and rolling.

The u/s tech said everything looked good. She checked gender again and said that we are still team pink. The baby is head down (right now).

I guess I am surprised they even measured my cervical length. Why you ask? Well, because last time the girl said 'we don't measure it everytime'. Duh, they did last time and I think they should!

Dr. said all was well and asked if I am still having braxton hicks contractions. I said yes, but I have less of them. I told him that I was really out of breath two weeks ago, but I was stressed due to my son having surgery.

He said the baby looks good and it lowers my down syndrome rate to 1 in 1500. I asked him specifically what that meant and he said long bones, good bowel, and a ton of other stuff that I didn't write down. I am so happy that all looks good with her. He said my risk for Trisonomy 13 - I think - is 1 in 52,000 or something like that. Yes, I could still have these issues, but he said that Tri13 is found in 90% of u/s at this point (very obvious signs). Down syndrome could still be a factor, but is less likely.

Ah, about cervical length...he said 'it doesn't matter what the length is'. Then I said 'as long as the stitch is holding and he said 'yes'. He said 2.8cm is normal and they would worry more when it is 2.5cm (more so with someone with a cerclage I kinda gathered from him). He wanted to see me in 6 wks, but then started looking at my dates and said '5-6weeks'. I scheduled it less than 5wks (well by one day....) because the girl asked me which day was better for me. I told her I didn't want an appt on the 13th because I am superstitious. She just laughed. The dr said 'if you are scared and don't want to go six weeks, just give us a call and we will see you'. That is nice of him and I think the first time I ever heard him say that...

I am still scared and taking it easy. I work from home everyday and will go back to work around 23/24wks. I have some friends who help me with my son on the weekends (most weekends). The weekends are very hard especially because he had surgery, had a 24hr bug and is always sick which means he is miserable and throwing tantrums.

Thanks for your support!

Next post: What I did from 4-12wks and also a post about an obgyn nurse that I got to talk to for 30min (my work set me up with a nurse to monitor my pregnancy - more on why, etc).

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