Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post opp checkup-cerclage 2

Today was my follow-up after my cerclage two weeks ago. Oh, I bought a doppler, but I really don't like to use it much. I have tried it twice and only found the h/b once. More later on this...

They do the u/s and I have a tech that is new to the practice. I ask her if she will measure my cervical length and she said they only do it every other appt. uh what? Anyway, she measures it at 3.4 or over. I count it as 3cm.

The baby looked great. I am there without my husband as my son is sick and had to go to the dr. I ask about gender and she sounds kinda reluctant to do it, but finally checks it out. I am shocked to find out it is a GIRL!!!! When she was first looking, the baby was moving a lot. I am happy about that because I haven't seen the baby move much in my past appointments. The 2nd time she looked I thought I saw 3 lines and I thought girl and then she said it. At first she said she wasn't 100% as it was early. At the end, she said she is pretty sure though...I was so shocked that when she left I called my husband and he is over the moon and more shocked than me!

We did an intelligender test and I don't think I posted that. I was a little over 10wks and it looked like 'boy'. My husband said he was 100% sure it was right. He even told some people based on that test. He is still not 100% convinced because he asked me to do the intelligender test again. Oh, that test says it doesn't work if you have PCOS. I am pretty sure I do not have that, but it made me wonder.

H/b was 160something. I didn't take my notepad in so I am having to go by memory. She did the baby's crown to rump length and I didn't see it say 14wks or whatever. But she said it was 8.6cm or something like that and I saw on this other website that is inline for 14 wks.

She got some great pics of the baby, in fact better ones than I ever got from the other u/s techs. She left it on one of the profile pics and when the dr came in he said 'that is the best picture'. Although it wasn't the anatomy scan, he went through and told me what he could see (the liver, the heart, the brain, the spine, etc).

I asked him about the surgery and how it went. I said 'well i didn't get to talk to you' and he said 'you did talk to me, you just don't remember'. :) He said I kept saying thank you. He said they put the cerclage higher as they could see where it was placed last time and could manage to do it higher. Maybe that is why my length is good at least now...I don't know but I hope it stays over 3cm the entire time!

I really like to talk to my dr and he really spends time talking with me on just stuff that is interesting. For example, I asked him if I woke up from anesthesia and he said it wasn't that I woke up but it took me awhile to get down. I was moving when they tried to get me comfortable. He went ont to say that there is something different that propofol (sp?) and with that one sometimes they don't know how much to use on someone. He went on to talk about it for awhile.

I asked him about the doppler and I told him I wouldn't use it everyday since I am scared to. He said 'you can'. I won't as it has been hard to find the h/b. He gave me advice on how to find it. He is very patient with me and my million questions. He said 'give it 2 wks and it will be easier to find'

I told the dr that I have felt movement and it seems earlier than last time. He looked surprise. I told him that I also have bh contractions and he sad movement causes those. I said I had bh contx since 9wks. I am pretty sure I felt movement, but my husband doesn't believe me. I think my placenta might be really forward or something. It is part of the reason why I haven't freaked using the doppler because I feel the baby. It isn't consistent this early, but I feel taps. Last time I felt them around 16wks but I didn't know it was movement.

Thanks for reading!

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