Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ok, here is an update. I know I said I wouldn't do updates, but I do plan to still 'talk' on this blog about random things. :)

My son weighs 9lbs9oz. He was born at 7lbs, but quickly lost 9.5% of his weight and was diagnosed as 'failure to thrive'. I've been stressed since then and not producing enough milk.

I heart my lactation consultant. I completely advocate getting one. She has come to the house several times since it was hard for me to even get out, but today I went to her office. (I was also paranoid for germs with a young infant - she works out of my pedi's office). Home visits can also get expensive too.

I am starting to produce so much more than before. Yea! I have almost quit breastfeeding so many times. It is stressful and the hardest thing I've ever done - harder than labor even. I've been prescribed Reglan which is for something else but works to increase milk supply - it is working for me she thinks. I'm still not producing everything that he needs and he is growing so fast, but I figure some milk is better than none. The lactation consultant is surprised at how much my son eats and its easy for her to say - 'give him less formula' when he is hungry.

My baby gained 2oz a day in the last 9 days.


Monica H said...

Glad you updated.

On another note, my dog was given "Reglan" when she had an upset stomach and was sick. Who knew?

Jeff and Kerry said...

I'm also glad you updated! WTG on the weight gain!