Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boring OB appt

Last time I went in - it was an emergency appt so I didn't see my dr.
Today, I took my gestational diabetes (GD) test before going into my appt. I don't know the results, but hope all is well.
I asked my dr a lot of questions - I forgot to bring a list of stuff so of course I forgot to ask him some stuff.
It took him awhile to find the h/b and I forgot to ask what it was. I just lied there with my eyes closed trying to listen to the h/b.
My obgyn thinks everything will be ok. He is very laid back. He has tattoos, crazy hair, and a soul p.atch. I have been seeing him for 15 years I guess. I trust him, but honestly he wasn't the best at getting me pg or even the expert on my issue. I strongly advise high risk girls to see a high risk obgyn or peri.
I asked him about my infections (BV and UTI) - he said urine looked great today (as I told my DH beforehand that it didn't look cloudy). I'm a wannabe dr. :)
He said those infections can't harm the baby and I was 'what if they get up into the uterus (as my last loss was due to an infection)'. He said 'well not those kind'.
He said he is glad I got the cerclage and maybe it is helping me, but maybe not. He said it is just a safetynet, but it could be the reason I have made it this far. Gee thanks. I told him 'well I don't know if you know but my cervix was opening from the bottom at 12w4d when I had the cerclage placed'. He said 'i didn't know that but that can happen in normal ppl and its worse if it is opening from the top.' I honestly think I would have lost another baby without the cerclage. He said 'but some women have issues with the cerclage like PTL or infection'.
I asked him about the baby's head being down -as it was down already at 24w3d and he said 'that's great - it should be doing that'.
I had diarrhea this weekend and he said it wasn't a sign of labor and it is fine.
I like boring appts. I'm at the point where I'll be seen every 2 weeks now. Tomorrow I see my high risk peri.
Oh, he asked if my peri had offered to do steroids. I said 'believe me I've asked him but he said no unless things start going badly'. He said 'well he is the expert, so I would go with what he says'.


Monica H said...

No offense, but your doctor sounds like a duntz.

Glad it was uneventful though :-)

JGirl2005 said...

Monica, I've been seeing him so long and his office actually caught my funneling/open cervix last time. Although since he just moved to a new office, not sure if he has the same u/s tech.
He also has one tiny tattoo, not a lot. :)
I may choose a different obgyn, but I think he is good at delivering babies.